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Online Casino Win and Loss Limits

When you play at the online casino you would do well to implement win and loss limits. Let’s look at how to use win and loss limits when gambling at the online casino.

Most people are familiar with loss limits as they are limits that are set so that too much money is not lost. It could be that you decide to limit your losses to $100 for the day or it might be that you simply deposit only a certain amount for your gambling at the online casino. Loss limits are extremely important because it is easy to go on tilt to try and get money back when you have a losing streak. For example, if you are playing the slots and lose $100 then you should immediately stop playing. You may also decide to set a loss limit in terms of percentages so it might be that you set a loss limit of 20% of your bankroll. If it was a $1000 bankroll then if you lost $200 you would need to stop for the day.

Win limits are not nearly as well known among gamblers but they are very important. It is always better to walk away a winner rather than a loser and a win limit gives you something to shoot for and then stop. How many times have you been ahead at the online casino and then given it all back? A win limit or win goal can prevent you from giving all of wins back.

Be sure to set win and loss limits the next time you are wagering at the online casino.

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