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Money management

Money management is a method to increase your enjoyment from gambling by essentially maximizing your playing time. It is not a system to beat the casino. After all most casino bets have a negative expectation. You can't beat the casino with a money management system, but you will have more fun gambling if you take into account the basics of money management.

Money management tips

A lot of the tips we discuss in this section are very intuitive and obvious. You are using them everyday in every money decision you make, from doing your grocery shopping's to buying a new car. However, you might be surprised that a lot of people forget about common sense when they're playing at a casino. So don't underestimate the advice we are giving you here. Read carefully and actually start using these tips on your next gambling trip or online gambling session. Bookmark this page and read it again in a couple of months, and you will learn to appreciate the value of common sense.

Set a gambling budget
Approach gambling like any other form of entertainment. When you take a vacation you probably know beforehand how much spending money you have. It should be the same with gambling. Set a gambling budget before you start playing and quit if you reach that limit.

Set a winning goal
Don't expect to become a millionaire overnight. Set a reasonable winning goal, for example half of your initial budget. If you are fortunate to reach your goal, stop playing and collect your winnings.

Have some fun outside the casino
Especially in places like Vegas or Atlantic City there are lots of other ways to have some fun, besides gambling. Remember you're on a vacation. Get some rest! If you're in Vegas rent a car and go see the Hoover Dam or the Red Rock Canyon. If you're in Atlantic City explore the ocean and beaches. You get the picture.

Play smaller sessions
Don't gamble all your money away in just one session. Plan a couple of smaller sessions, each with it's own gambling budget and winning goal. You will find you can play longer, and between sessions you have plenty of time to have some fun outside the casino.

So these are the basics of money management. It all comes down to planning your gambling sessions *before* you start playing, and to stick with the plan. Treat gambling as just any other form of entertainment. You pay some money to get a couple hours of entertainment. You expect to lose, and if you win it's a bonus.

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