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Online Gambling Leads Nugget’s Golden Comeback

The struggles and near collapse of the New Jersey Boardwalk casino industry has long been big news and has tied into the conversation as to whether or not online gambling should be legalized in the United States and, beyond that, whether or not online casino gambling harms traditional in person on site casinos such as those in New Jersey.

The Golden Nugget has proven to be a quick study as a player in the online casino gambling industry and is thriving as a result. In a market that has been dominated by Borgata and Caesars, the Golden Nugget has climbed to the top of the charts with an ownership of 31 percent of the online casino market in New Jersey and with more than $3 million in casino revenue as per a report that was issued this past spring.

What has been most impressive about the Golden Nugget’s resurgence is that they had to overcome a lot of problems at the start of the venture including technical difficulties that ultimately delayed the start of the online casino gambling operations for the firm.

The Golden Nugget turned accident into design by taking advantage of the delay as they developed as separate marketing campaign. The other online casino competition that the Golden Nugget was facing all had the same type of advertising and promotions and found that holding down costs was a problem. It was a problem that the Golden Nugget was able to solve in attracting a considerable amount of new business as a result.

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