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Simple Answers for Great Start at Blackjack and its Lingo

There are a lot of terms and abbreviations at online blackjack games that may be confusing at first but simple to quickly decode and end up easily understanding. Let’s take a look at some of the abbreviations that you will see at online blackjack tables at the best online casinos.

BSE means Basic Strategy Edge meaning that you can get better odds using what is known as a basic strategy.

DOA means that you can Double Down on any of your initial cards.

D10/11 means that you can only double down on 10s or 11s.

DAS means that you can only double down when you split a pair.

ESR means that early surrender is allowed. While this is not a common feature that is found at online casino blackjack tables when you do find it the meaning is that you can surrender your initial hand when the dealer has a natural blackjack (21).

H17 means that when a dealer has a 17 as a soft hit he must hit.

LSR means Late Surrender. This means that you can surrender your hand, losing only half of your bet, when the dealer gets a natural blackjack (21).

O/U means that you can bet over and under thirteen.

RSA means that you can re-split aces,

S17 means that the dealer must stand on 17.

Insurance is another term that newer players need to be familiar with. Insurance is a side bet of up to half of your original bet and can be made when the dealer’s upcard is an ace.

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